Daniel Argota, 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist, and self-taught producer/songwriter created a lane of his own that he would consider "Acid Folk RnB" the odd yet beautiful tone of his music accompanied by heartfelt lyrics and infectious rhythms make for the perfect vibe! Coming from a recent hiatus spent on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, Argota has infused the healing of nature and the healing of music in one unforgettable rollercoaster of raw emotion.


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    Alone 3:44
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    Libra 4:11
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    Miami 4:27

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Teal Cheese

“This EP is super well crafted and it all feels extremely cohesive. The release isn’t very long, clocking in at little more than 12 minutes. That seems to be a smart move because as I was listening I began to notice the EP had restarted without me even realizing it. There’s a fair amount of experimentation production wise and that leads to some big wins, in my opinion, for Arg0ta. The last track even has a Zelda sample, which didn’t go unnoticed.” - Nick Teal 

— Teal Cheese

The UltraSalon

“Continuous themes of self doubt, loneliness, and a strong desire of something more reverberate throughout the EP, and the follow-up track “Stuck in My Mind” does so in a more upbeat way. Closing the track, he states “If I really want to change the world, then I need to come outside”, making a statement to himself that can connect with the listener. The interlude that follows up, (Comeonitscovid19), is a short display of guitar ability, reminiscent of something you’d hear off of George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass”. “Paper Bag” is another heavy hitting track that sounds more raw & emotionally charged. The lyrics in this track become tear-jerking thanks to the passionate delivery Daniel has.” - Marco Diaz

Stage plot & tech rider

Argota Stage Rider I will supply Shure SM7B Microphone with XLR female and male cables, Gretsch Electromatic G5420, Fender Tube Amp, Akai MPC Midi Controller, Laptop, Apollo Universal Audio Interface

The venue will supply: PA System, 2 DI's, 1 Mic Stand, Mixing Console, Stool

If the venue is unable to provide any of the equipment above, please contact (Daniel, so we can coordinate other arrangements.
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