Hello, My name is Daniel J aRGOTA :)

21-year-old DIY artist from Montreal raised in Miami. I've been carefully crafting my sound and vision as an artist for the last 4 years, during that time I've fallen in and out of love, fallen in and out of temporary homes, and worked hard to be able to live on my own through my own standards without any degree. having had a continuous battle with depression and my own mind, I stumbled across some of the best albums in the world that were there for me when nothing else was (a lot was there for me but I neglected to see that). So my sound is a cross between a majority of the producers and artists that were there for me. Ranging from household names like Thome Yorke, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Pharrell Williams, Frank Ocean, Elvis Presley, Brian Wilson, Frank Sinatra. To lesser-known artists like King Krule, Choker, Thundercat, Louis Cole, and much more. Due to this whole Covid situation, I've been able to have time to reflect on my life and where I'm going on a human level and on an artist level as well. I lost sight of myself and my original goals since I was consumed by working to just pay rent, thankfully I regained my vision and I plan to execute flawlessly.  Welcome back to my website to those of you who've stuck around even when I disappear off the internet whenever I please, I deeply appreciate you. To those who are newcomers please don't feel shy to reach out and talk to me if you ever feel like nobody will listen, I know all too well what that feels like, you've got a friend whether you like it OR NOT! love you thank you for reading and thank you for your continued support! Currently living in Puerto Rico enjoying the peacful tropical life, working on a bunch of singles that will release over this year! I've been thinking maybe my genre is Freak Folk with some RnB or something lmao don't really know yet!