This EP is super well crafted and it all feels extremely cohesive. The release isn’t very long, clocking in at little more than 12 minutes. That seems to be a smart move because as I was listening I began to notice the EP had restarted without me even realizing it. There’s a fair amount of experimentation production wise and that leads to some big wins, in my opinion, for Arg0ta. The last track even has a Zelda sample, which didn’t go unnoticed.” - Nick Teal

Teal Cheese

Continuous themes of self doubt, loneliness, and a strong desire of something more reverberate throughout the EP, and the follow-up track “Stuck in My Mind” does so in a more upbeat way. Closing the track, he states “If I really want to change the world, then I need to come outside”, making a statement to himself that can connect with the listener. The interlude that follows up, (Comeonitscovid19), is a short display of guitar ability, reminiscent of something you’d hear off of George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass”. “Paper Bag” is another heavy hitting track that sounds more raw & emotionally charged. The lyrics in this track become tear-jerking thanks to the passionate delivery Daniel has.” - Marco Diaz

The Ultrasalon

Interview Video from Underground.mia