1. Alone

I'm alone, I'm stuck in my mind, there's a paper bag and I wanna find it - is a 6 song experimental EP that has influences from Radiohead, Frank Ocean, Dijon, Sza, Ray Charles, Bedroom, Brian Wilson and much more. Each track is a story within the big picture, This was all home produced from my apartment in Miami, Due to covid I'm currently unemployed, I think it's a sign to start taking my music seriously and dive in the world I've dreamed of since I was 8, I plan to make extremely positive change within the world. If you'd like to support me and my music there's a donation link which a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to our family struggling in Yemen. Have a blessed day please use your voice whenever you can even if you feel it's not loud enough! love yall <3


Alone I feel alone, am I meant to console myself
Just to feel like someone else, that I could be proud of
So one day I'll scream out my name to a bigger crowd on a better day

And there's no way in heaven or hell
However you see it
There's no escape to being

Alone I feel alone, sometimes I'll fight with myself at night
Inciting a riot so I'll just get high enough, I've had enough I've had a few
It's only past two
I'm sick of this shit wish I was a kid

I wish I was a kid
Far from the drama
I'm too busy living

And I'll never be that kid again

I'll never be that kid again, I'll never be that kid again

Alone, I feel alone even when you got the sweetest touch
Even when I'm not inside as much.

Alone, Alone, Alone, Alone

I wish I was a kid
Far from the drama
I'm too busy living