1. Libra

This track is my personal story, growing up I was always the kid who sacrificed his own happiness and sadness to help anyone I cared for. I went through a lot of rough patches and sunny skies but they all felt void because they were suppressed just to please others, it became a habit, the constant need for validation and reassurance from external noise became my eyes. Only being able to see for others made me blind, I had no idea who I was or where I was going, until I started listening to myself...EVERYTHING lined up after that, I'm a wholesome person with dreams and great life that I'm excited to wake up to everyday. I titled this piece "Libra" because I'm a Libra and I've noticed most libras are "people pleasers" and could get stuck that way. They end up being great liars due to survival, I used to literally only act and say things depending on what I KNEW the person near me would of wanted. It's shitty because I'm sure it's not just libras everyone goes through this at some extent and I just want you to know you should throw away all the noise and please yourself, be yourself and love yourself.


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